Lightspeed/Kounta Pass Thru Printing

Pass Through Printing needs to be enabled in both Kounta/LS & Order Up and printers must be connected to the Kounta POS (with Pass Thru enabled) to print orders automatically

  • IF Pass thru printing is enabled in Kounta and not in Order Up orders will need to be accepted in the Kounta POS (i.e Pass Thru will not be active)

  • IF Pass thru printing is enabled in Order Up and not in Kounta the orders will fail to go through.


You need to make sure that your system is connected to the internet at all times, thus if the network is that bad/intermittent; turning off Pass Thru printing would be the best option. 

  • If Pass Thru printing is on and the Kounta printer is disconnected, when the printer is reconnected it will not automatically print and Kounta will not give an error message. The user needs to open the order from the Orders Tab and press send to resend the order to be printed on the production printer.

  • You can only have 1 register assigned as a Pass Thru Register but the order will still appear on all of their POS systems (for stores with multiple POS). However, orders are set to close automatically but can be found in History.

  • For Pre Orders to print when Pass Thru is active the Kounta POS and printers must be on and connected

If the Pass Thru printing is Off, when the user accepts the order, it will automatically trigger the system to print the order and if it fails, it will give out an error and an option to retry to print.


To Enable in Order Up:

In the Order Up console go to Integrations > Point of Sale > Kounta.

There will be a toggle option to Enable Pass Thru Printing at the bottom of the page.

To Enable in Kounta

You will need to login to your Kounta account then visit this link:

From there you will need to enable the Kounta feature.

The feature may be included on the current venue plan with Kounta, if not you will need to accept extra costs from Kounta. You will need to speak to your LS Account Manager. 

Once enabled you will need to assign the register that the pass thru printing will be allowed for. This means that ONLY this particular register is able to automatically pass the order to the printer(s).