What should I do if our business goes through a Change in Ownership?

If a change of ownership has occurred within your business, there are things both the old owner and the new owner must do in order to successfully transfer ownership of OrderUp's products to the new account.

Here are the requirements to allow a transfer of ownership for an existing account

Old Owner (existing Order Up client)

  • Account Transfer Request Form

    • Written evidence of request

    • Date for current account to cease

  • Order Up Hardware (if applicable)

    • To be returned or passed to new owner

New Owner (taking over the account)

  • Complete New Signup Form

    • To supply Direct Debit Details

    • To confirm plan

  • Apply for Merchant Account

    • To receive funds for orders placed

From the requirements above these are the actions to be completed

  • Account Transfer Request Form processed

  • New Signup Form processed

  • Update of Order Up console with your business's new owners' details