Viewing Customer Details and Order History

A helpful feature that you should be making use of in the OU console is the ability to view your customers order history and details.

To view these, please follow these instructions:


1. Go to your OU console and navigate to the Customers tab in the left-hand column.


2. Now that you are on the page, notice that you can see a summary of your customers, in this summary the console will tell you the following information about a customer who has signed up on your menu site:

  • The name of your customer
  • The user type (Guest/Subscriber)
  • The creation of their profile in your database (based off when they first signed up)


3. For a more in-depth overview of the customer’s orders and details, press on the pencil icon in the Order History column for the respective customer you would like to inspect.


3. On this page, the console will provide you with an overview of the customer’s total orders, money spent at your store, average money spent at your store, days since last order and lastly the date they first became a customer with you. Additionally, you will also be met with a summary of their orders including details such as:

  • The device used to make the order:

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  • The date they made that order
  • The status of the order’s completion (Green = Completed, Red = Non-completed)
  • Whether or not the order was a pre-order or not
  • The store location that they ordered from
  • The method of obtainment of their food and drink from your store
  • The payment method they used to purchase their order

4. You can inspect specific orders made by the specific customer by pressing on the pencil icon under the View column.


5. This page will show further details about the summary of an order that the customer placed. Noticeably you will be able to identify:

  • What the customer ordered
  • The date and time the order was placed, whether the order was printed off the hardware or not
  • The device used to make the order
  • The order instructions
  • The ready time of the order
  • The customer’s IP address
  • The customer’s payment method