Troubleshooting Lightspeed/Kounta

There are multiple ways to troubleshoot your Lightspeed/Kounta integration so you can always ensure to be online taking orders.

Below are a list of methods to troubleshoot issues that you may use in order to counter issues faced while operating a Lightspeed/Kounta integration.


  1. If you change anything in your POS you will need to re-sync in the Order Up console (or turn off the product in Order Up).
  2. If you are wanting to turn off your online ordering, you can only do this from the Order Up console. DO NOT turn your online ordering off in your POS as this will created failed orders. You can turn yourself off by going to Location Settings>Online Hours and turn the toggle to Closed.
  3. If you have multiple stores you are better to set up one as closed using holiday feature (rather than turn off) so your customers don't accidentally order from any store without checking. 


Attribute names

When an attribute is a number it will conflict and will not allow the product in the cart. The below error message will pop up.
Easy fix id to type the number 6 → six


Courses for ''Dine In''

The courses feature allows the dishes to be places as Now, Entree or Mains.

***Unfortunately, the courses feature isn't compatible with online ordering integrations.
When it was designed it wasn't scoped for table ordering, rather the assumption that all orders are required immediately.
This means all orders will default to now.
OrderUp! has reached out to Kounta and raised a request for this improvement.


Controlling orders via POS

The venue will experience an issue if the client is using the Kounta option to stop online ordering (it's not supported with the OrderUp integration). Incoming orders should not be controlled through the Kounta POS or else the orders will be accepted in the OU side but will be rejected coming through the POS.

Note that a possible error message if ordering is being controlled by Kounta POS, will look similar to:


"error": "403", "error_description":
"Due to popular demand we are temporarily not taking online orders.".


In this case, the key is to ensure online order is turned off in the OU Console. This will provide a better user experience.


Bubble Setting

The venue will experience an issue if bubble setting was switched on. For Kounta customers this will cause a delay on a client website (due to the conx back to Kounta). Kindly make sure that the Bubble setting on our console is turned off at all times.


Pass Through Printing

The order will only not print automatically to the production printing when the POS is offline. Not necessarily mean that the iPad is not connected to the internet, but the token used by the register is not connected to our API server.

This usually happened if you minimise the LS Kounta POS to open another application running at the same time together with the POS. It disconnects the token and it takes a while for the POS to reconnect to the API.

To prevent this from happening, we suggest keeping the POS 1, target register for PassThrough Printing, always on the User page at least or on the main sales screen.