Reporting Categories

Reporting is essential for any business. On the Order Up platform, you can pull individual reports based on categories.

You may want to collate reports based on categories, this may be as simple as the menu categories we have or something more complex. For example your venue may want to report all Food sales as one total separate to all Beverage sales. This is now possible:





  1. In the Reporting > Categories Reports section you can see a report of the breakdown you have created.

  2. If you want to create new categories for reporting click this button

  3. If you want to search a different date range and show the stats

  4. If you want to send a CSV export of the data to yourself use the export



Reporting Category Management



  1. Click here to create a new reporting category

  2. Click here to edit the existing category

  3. Click here to delete the existing category



Create/Edit a Reporting Category



Fill in / edit the fields as required and Save


Assigning Categories to Reporting Categories


  1. Via the Menu > Categories edit the category you want to set up for reporting. Select from the drop down list the specific category you would like to assign.


Assigning a Product to a Specific Reporting Category



If you go into a specific product to edit you have the option to select a reporting category it belongs to. This can be a different reporting category to what the product category says it should be. Example Category Desserts is assigned to a reporting category ‘food’. The product inside Desserts called Tiramisu Martini is in fact a drink, and can be assigned to a reporting category called ‘drinks’ instead.


Watch video below on how you view and export your category report: