Lightspeed/Kounta Integration Notifications

This feature will help you better manage your integration and notify you of any potential issues that need urgent addressing. The notifications feature will especially be helpful in case you are having submission issues with your integrations.


1. In Location Settings >> Location Setup there is a new option Allow to Submit Order if third party integration (POS, driver tracking) fail after payment. (This feature can be found on the bottom of the Location Setup page).



2. From here, after you turn the switch to YES, you are able to set the emails and/or mobile numbers you would like to send the notifications to.

3. Below is a sample of the email that will send to the nominated email address(s):


4. Below is a sample of the SMS that will send to the nominated mobile number(s):

5. In the Orders section you will see a new block at the top indicating that it failed, and what services. In this case the order has been completed and an email and/or SMS was sent:


6. The digital Order Processor also has been updated to reflect the changes, the order that failed third party services will come in as a red bar, it will also make a different noise to the standard orders. Selecting the order will indicate the failed services and why. In this case the order has been completed and an email and/or SMS was sent.


Notifications & Meanings

When failure notifications are enabled for you POS in the OrderUp! console, you may receive the following messages. Please see below the messages, what they mean and next steps on how to rectify these: 


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Sample MessageExplanationAction to takeProduct #8196213 is not available at that site.Pass-thru register POS 1 (1133132) is offline.

Pass thru printing is enabled for the site in OU and in Kounta, but the terminal (iPad, tablet etc) is not online.

Reactivate Pass-thru in the Kounta/LS POS system or disable Pass-thru in OrderUp! console.

Due to popular demand, we are temporarily not taking online orders.

Failed to send order to Kounta


Your request contained some invalid data: Error validating /options/3/option_sets/1/option_set_id: String value found, but a number is required.