How do I place a test order?

At some point, you may want to run a test order to ensure everything is working slowly. Please follow the steps in this article.

1. Turn on COD in your in your Payment Integrations first. 



2. Go to Locations Settings>Payments Settings. Turn on Pay on Pick Up and choose which method to apply to. Click Save & Continue. 


3. Place an order as per usual to check out and pick COD as the payment method. Best practice is to write TEST in the customer details. Also use the email which is in Location Settings>Location Set Up in the console. 




4. Please ensure that you turn off COD in your Payment Settings if you are NOT wanting to offer this method in the future to your customers. 


NOTE: You can use Credit Card for a test order but you must request a refund through your payment gateway. If you are on OU Payments then you can email