How do I import & sync my Lightspeed menu in Order Up?


PLEASE NOTE: When you are making and changes to your Order Up menu, you must make all your changes in Lightspeed first then import & sync in Order Up. If you are unsure how to set up you Lightspeed menu correctly, please refer to the set-up guide HERE. DO NOT re-sync your menu during your peak service times.

  1. When the Kounta integration is active, if you go to Menu > Menu Categories you will see an option to Import a menu. In the case of a single store or selected the button will reflect the specific store id, if there are multiple stores there will be a pop up to select which stores you want to import the menu of.

  2. Click the relevant import button to start the menu import

3. You will need to confirm this selection to proceed


4. Once complete you will see a success message

5. If you now refresh the categories page you should see the menu categories that have imported from Kounta.