Are you able to enable a required checkbox that makes my customer have to acknowledge my store's message?

There is a way to enable a required checkbox in the console if needed.

A required checkbox means that your customers who visit the online menu are acknowledging your message to them. This message may be that you acknowledge you are ordering from the right location, that you are offering contactless delivery, that you don't allow refunds or that they are over the age of 18 in order to purchase alcohol. 

In order to enable this feature please follow these instructions.

How to enable the required checkbox feature

1. Open up your OU console and navigate from the Dashboard >> Location Settings >> Location Setup.

2. If you scroll down you will see this section, switch Required Checkbox to YES:

Note that there is a field labeled Note to display, this is where you will be able to write whatever message you are trying to get the customer to acknowledge before entering your online menu.

2. Additionally there is a switch labeled Upload Note that allows you to attach a pdf file link into the field below which will appear along with the required checkbox message.

Alternatively if you press on the Link switch it will allow you to upload the file into the dropbox